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Stolen from Nas: Vance is like, half-man half amazing...

Last updated 03.04.01

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The Flatmates

Read the spine chilling tales of six university freshers brought together in a cauldron of blood, sweat and luncheon meat...

Blue Hotel

Read the sequel - it's even more frightening!

Powell Poetry

A selection of poetic gems by Mr John Paul Powell

A Day in Doncaster

A comic-strip that shows you what those Yorkshire folk really get up to...

Spoof News

Featuring Adam Rickitt, Anne Widdecombe, and Mick Jagger...

Burt Reynolds

See young Burt in the cheekiest pose available!

Bill Hicks

Transcript of the late comedian's cannabis routine... quality

Asian Sounds

Check out the latest releases in totally authentic Asian covers, including new hits from Tears For Fiaz and Indian Brown!

The Kop: An Urgent Scouse Appeal

Add /VanceProductions to the address for the new version of this site...

'I could astound you if I wanted. I wouldn't even have to try.' - Ian Brown, Gettin' High

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